Animo is all about bringing Consumers and Producers together for products and services that don't exist yet. Instead of waiting for Producers to invent something new, let's give them a head start by doing the inventory and lead creation first.

Post a request

Who can post a request?

Anyone who has a need for a product or service that seems not yet to exist can post it to Animo. There's one important condition: You must be willing to pay for it. Which makes sense, as only sunshine and smiling is free, for all other services, and products, you pay.

How to price your request

There is no right or wrong here, you can just choose any amount you might be willing to spend if someone has the perfect solution for you. Just don't expect some entrepreneur to jump in if you're only willing to spend peanuts on this. Be real. So that others will be as well.

Post a Solution

Why do I need to pay to post a solution?

Animo is not like StockOverflow or Quora. We bring potential consumers and producers together by focussing on products and services, which are by their nature hardly ever free. So if you are someone that can deliver a needed product or service, it is valuable for you to get in touch with hot leads and thus a little fee should not stop you from advertising your solution here. 

Also, it should prevent spam.

What does it cost to post a solution?

To post a solution and advertise your product or service, you're being charged a one-time fee of $10 to have your solution published. Paypal Acceptable Use Policy applies. 

A solution may:

  • contain max 300 words;
  • contain 1 link to your own product/service page or (email) address.

A solution may not:

How do people know when a solution is posted?

For now, everyone interested in the request will need to come back regularly to check if there are updates. Soon it will also be possible to Subscribe to a page and receive notification of updates.

Create an Account

How do I signup and log in?

Animo uses Blockstack for registration and authentication. Creating a Blockstack account is not only simple and free, it's also awesome because it can be used as your universal account to log into a growing number of online services without having to identify yourself to each of these services, without having to worry about security and privacy for all of these services and without having to create multiple logins for all these services.

We ❤️ Blockstack and maybe you will too after reading a bit more on What is Blockstack.

What is Blockstack?

Blockstack is a decentralized computing network and app ecosystem that puts users in control of their identity and data. Blockstack apps like Animo protect your digital rights and are powered by the Stacks blockchain. 

Learn more about the Blockstack technology.


What future improvements are coming?

  • Automatically post new Requests to Twitter ✔️
  • Automatically share new Appraisals to Twitter 
  • Automatically post new Solutions to Twitter 
  • Social share buttons 
  • Ranking pages (most appraised, highest value) 
  • Tagging
  • Localization (post Request that are limited to a geographical area)
  • Pick your own avatar

Got questions?

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